Rush Lake Improvement Association

DNR Letter to the RLIA on Zebra Mussels and Aquatic Invasive Species (October 2013)


As winter approaches, many lakeshore owners will begin to remove boats, docks, lifts, and other water-related equipment that have been sitting in the lake all summer. As this occurs, we would like to ask for your lake association's assistance in inspecting your equipment and looking out for attached zebra mussels or other aquatic invasive species (AIS).

To clarify, we have not received any reports of zebra mussels on your lake. Inspections at the end of the season are simply a way to be proactive in searching for AIS infestations at the earliest stages. We believe that inspecting your boats and docks is a step everyone can take to help the DNR's efforts in early detection of aquatic invasive species.

CLICK HERE for a DNR News Release sent out early this month that focuses on the importance of early detection and includes more information on how to legally remove and store water-related equipment for the winter.

If you suspect that you have found zebra mussels or other AIS, please follow these steps:

1.    Note the location where the specimen is found

2.    Take a picture of the specimen in question

3.    Report it to your Invasive Species Specialist (Christine Jurek: 320-223-7847)

Below is a link to helpful information about transporting docks, lifts, and water-related equipment, and what to consider when hiring businesses to do this work for you:

Please feel free to forward this email and attachment to all of your lake association members and shoreline owners.

We appreciate your assistance and support in preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species in Minnesota and in assisting us in our efforts for early detection of AIS. We look forward to continuing our partnership with your lake association in the future.


Courtney Millaway
Assistant Invasive Species Specialist
MN DNR Ecological and Water Resources