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The RLIA Discussion Forum is where RLIA Members, lake residents and others with an interest in Rush Lake can discuss and provide input on RLIA projects, lake living and share their experiences with each other. There is even a section where you can upload your scenic photos of the lake and related activities. Before proceeding to the forums, below are the details you must first know.

Forum Registration and Participation

To participate in the forums you need to register. It is free, of course. When you first go to the forum page, click on the "Register" link, fill out the registration information, making sure you are listing a valid email address.

Upon submission, the forum software will send a confirmation email to your registered email address in just a minute or two. This confirmation email will contain a link you need to click (make sure you are still connected to the Internet). Clicking the link in the email will finalize your forum registration.

After your registration has been finalized you can then sign in with the username and password you used to register.

General Forum Rules

The RLIA Forum is moderated. The forum administrator and/or volunteer moderators may delete, alter, move forum posts that do not adhere to the rules of conduct or are misplaced. Their decisions are final.

Forum participants are expected to be civil in their discussions. Topics not permitted include politics, religion, race and other typically volatile subjects.

Persons that violate the rules of conduct are subject to temporary suspension of posting provileges or permanent banning.

Content of the forum posts are strictly those of the writer. The RLIA is not responsible or liable for anything an individual participant posts.

If you have any questions or problems registering, logging in or using the forum, email the Forum Administrator HERE.

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